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"David and Goliath.......De-colonizing the Colonized Mind"
"David and Goliath...........De-colonizing the Colonized Mind" - SOLD
Technique Mixte
12"w x 18"h

It took over 350 years for Spain to erase the natives memories. It took another 50 years for the Americans to impose their own superiority. Colonial mentality is another form of mental illness. We the "COLONIZED" have suffered this migraine of self-hate through the imposition of the foreigners' values into our own ethos; making theirs superior , ours inferior.

It took me years of re-education, re-naming, re-storing the richness of my own tradition to stand proud by it. It took me a thousand brushstrokes to De-colonized my Colonized mind.

This painting is dedicated to my people and the natives of the world. Mabuhay.