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"Cotton Candy Man....Chicago. Sweetness below 30 degrees"
"Cotton Candy Man....Chicago. Sweetness below 30 degrees" - SOLD
Oil on Masonite
36"w x 42"h

A known fact, Chicago's winter is brutal. But on that special moment in the middle of winter, Spring visited. It was the end of the day. The hawk circled the sky making reconnaissance swoops over the Windy City for frozen prey.The sun failed to uncover itself again from the sky's gray blanket. The temperature held the natives hostage with bundles of materials to cheat the cold. The natives failed because the wind was unrelenting that day. On a street in Pilsen, out came this man with Spring packaged in plastic. Smiles etched across the native's face as the Cotton Candy Man passed by, bringing sweetness to the end of this bitter cold day.