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"old woman begging in front of the cathedral - mexico city"/ CESAR CONDE ARTIST/Catholis Church ART
" old woman begging in front of the cathedral - mexico city "
technique mixte
48"w x 24"h

"in god we trust'

through the generosity of passerby and the faithful
she relies on their loose change, compassion and guilt.

the church says, "have more children, they are gifts from god."

but whose gift really ?
the church wants more followers it cannot
relying on their alms
to sew more gold thread for Vatican.

meanwhile pedophile priests are exiled,
untouched by sacred, silken, Vatican law.
the altar hides the chosen ones from their crime,
leaving the victims as sacrificial lambs

in the catholic slums,
children starve and abused by white cloaks,
while their mothers beg to feed their hungry mouths.

- body of christ -

"have more children.", the bishop from manila said.
they leave the country to be slaves for the other man.

after a full stomach, a sign of the cross,
the bishop sleeps in a soft bed.