%A contemporary painter, Conde uses old world technique using modern materials to paint his realistic portraits. Conde is a Filipino-American Chicago based artist who was primarily self-taught until he hit a wall with his technical skills. Upon realizing his artistic limitations, Conde decided to study at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy with John Michael Angel, who apprenticed for Pietro Annigoni. He also studied with Master Painter of Technique Mixte, Patrick Betaudier in his atelier in Monflanquin,France. Conde’s influences are Carravaggio, Rehmbrant, and Goya. Conde continues to learn and explore the infinite possibilities of painting.

Conde’s series “In The Hood – Portraits of African American Professionals Wearing a Hoodie.” won the first “Paul Collins Diversity Award” in ArtPrize 2014. His current work “The Bang Bang Project.” Which he conceptualized and pioneered after the shooting of Michael Brown by authorities. He was an Artist in Residence sponsored by Hebru at Lacuna Artist’s Lofts. He also was an Artist in residence in Monastir, Tunisia. Conde has exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. He is currently in a group exhibit in TaipeiandhasparticipatedinMiamiArtBasel2013and2014. Thissummer, Conde will be going to the Philippines to paint a mural along with 9 other artists. This fall, he will exhibit at The Field Museum in Chicago sponsored by a grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in a show called “Art and Anthropology.” His works are in corporate and private collections. Latest acquisition of Conde’s work was by Grand Valley State University.%