The Bang Bang Project - Dreams Shot. #blacklivesmatter
Technique Mixte
48"h x 60"w

People inspire me. I am influenced by the many cultures from different countries I have visited and by those who I meet in life. I find that ART can be a tool to fight injustices and inequality.

I communicate through the human form. I am a contemporary realist painter who loves the human emotion and drama expressed in the faces, eyes, hands and bodies of those I paint. While painting, I get to celebrate them. Mourn with them. Suffer with them. Contemplate with them. I feel their presence.

My paintings are celebration of Humanity. They are homage to the oppressed, to the beggars I call "Saints", to women who still suffer inequity and most of injustices in this post-modern, post-colonial, mostly "Patriarchal" world. They are dedicated to children who are trapped in the cycle of poverty, to the marginalized, forgotten, neglected, invisible They are for us, immigrants, people of color who to this day suffer brutality in the hands of the law and most inequity in our world. You are all my big heroes,my gurus and my saints.

I paint because I truly believe that art can serve as a platform for dialogue and debate. They can provide a safe space for reflection and serve as a jumping point for action towards social justice.

I paint because I have to.